Loons of a Feather (A Delta Jane Novel) by Kayce Lassiter

Loons of a Feather (A Delta Jane Novel), kayce LassiterLoons of a Feather (A Delta Jane Novel)

There are two kinds of matches in life—the kind humans make on their own, which succeed or fail depending on how much work they put into the relationship, and the “made in Heaven” kind that are especially blessed to last a lifetime. Matches made in Heaven are the fulfillment of a special blessing the creator has bestowed on a family line because of some great service or noble deed performed by an ancestor. These matches are heralded by the appearance of a glimmer, the spirit of an unborn child, to the mother’s godparent. The glimmers come to the godparent in the form of an aura attached to the collar of a dog that’s destined to remain with the family to look after the child. It’s the godparent’s responsibility to ensure the match is made before the glimmer fades and dies, taking with it the promise of true love and happily-ever-after.
Fairy Godmother, Delta Jane, is tasked with making a heaven-sent match for Shannon Burnett before the spirit of the child she is destined to have fades out of existence. Shannon, however, has a serious dilemma. She is attracted to two men—Michael Tanner who seems to be “another undependable cowboy”, and her high school boyfriend Jackson Miller who seems anxious to pick up where they left off twelve years before. It’s going to take all the resources and creativity Delta can muster to help Shannon grow beyond her past hurts to see these men for who they really are and make the right choice.

Will Shannon resolve her anger with her cowboy father? Is rancher Michael Tanner cut from the same cloth? Is Jackson Miller a better choice?
Who will Shannon choose? Will Delta Jane make the match before the glimmer is gone forever?

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5.0 out of 5 stars Three Cheers for Kayce Lassiter, February 6, 2014
By D M Warner (PHOENIX, AZ, US) – See all my reviews
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Hold on to your hats (or rather your helmets)! Kayce Lassiter has done something no one else has done…..in her book, Loons of a Feather, she has gifted us with Delta Jane, the hippest, most color-coordinated, craziest fairy godmother the world has ever known. And thank goodness! Delta Jane’s job is to bring people together so they can fall in love, if she can keep her brother, fairy godfather in training Bubba, from casting his own spells, which never seem to turn out right. In Loons of a Feather, which I loved (and you will, too), it’s Delta Jane’s job to bring together Shannon and Michael, two people who are obviously made for each other despite the various ups and downs of previous relationships and the fear of giving one’s heart once more. Loons of a Feather was a joy to read…I only wish I had a Delta Jane in my life. And I look forward to reading more stories about Ms. Lassiter’s feisty, spunky motorcycle-riding fairy godmother! Rev your engines and come join the fun!

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Waltz with a Lawman is BORN in my Bed M/M Historical #erotica #oneclick #Sale

waltzwithalawman_msrThis morning as I pulled up my Amazon dashboard...I had an additional book there!

I don't know why this is exciting...it just is. I guess because I'm of the "one-click" now mentality. When I decide I want to read something...I want to read in now!

That's not necessary reality. I read when I'm not feeling well...chemo weeks. How many people out there are like me? The comfort I find in reading a good book surpasses anything other entertainment. Today is the first day of a chemo week. I'm on oral chemo now...my 7th type of chemo. Three pills in the morning and four at night for seven days.

I first started writing Waltz in 1999. I was visiting Mom while she was ill. I slept in this P1010300bed, now in my guest room. It's the same steel-spring, heavy as heck, bouncy, and delightful bed I slept in for so many years while visiting Mom and Dad on the Ohio horse farm. My mother made the wedding-ring pattern quilt over one cold Ohio winter. Those days and night laying abed while reading were as close to heaven as one can get.

I went almost every summer for at least three weeks every year for almost 25 years. When the kids were young, they came too and it was a fantastic vacation for them. At one point, my first grandchild experienced life on the farm in the summer with Granny and Papa.

When Dad died in 2004 I stayed months there. When Mom died in 2005 I was there a long time settling the estate. The farm is gone, but not my bed. Not my memories, now bittersweet. Waltz with a Lawman began there, dreamed in this bed. You can read my dreams in Waltz with a Lawman. AMAZON Still at a SALE price! 

M/M / Erotica / BDSM / Suspense / Western Historical /

Dirty Little Secrets….Will IT Be There in the Morning #erotica

cactuscreekcowboyssingles1It's here! Every time I publish a new book, something NEW and weird happens.

This time Amazon didn't like one of the key words or they didn't like my title.

They didn't make it clear to me.

So I'm in limbo, waiting to see if I gave them what they want. And I did it so fast, that it feels like I screwed something else up.

However, if I did it right, Cactus Creek Cowboys: Dirty Little Secrets will be here in the morning.

@ 99¢

rp_cactuscreekcowboysbundle3D-2-263x300111.jpgAmazon link for Volume 1

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rp_cactuscreekcowboysbundle2-3D-263x300.jpgAmazon link for volume 2

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900YO Female Warrior works as bodyguard to make ends meet

Stone maiden BY TINA GEROW


“Take your hand off me, or I’ll remove it and several other of your favorite appendages.”

Ariel Knight stood toe to toe with the Goliath blocking her way and stared him down. She’d faced hellhounds, demons, vampires, and all manner of scary beasties in her time. One oversized cowboy with a chip on his shoulder didn’t even cause her to bat an eyelash.

“Now, sweetheart, you’re not wanted here, so why don’t you just go on back to wherever it is you came from.”
His gravelly voice reminded her of the sound her car made when she didn’t add oil for too long. And the “sweetheart” grated on her nerves. She took a breath, calming her simmering temper and tried to use her most professional voice along with her sweetest smile. “This is the last time I’m going to warn you, Jeb. I have an appointment with Logan McAllister, and no one is going to scare me off.”

From her background check of Mr. McAllister, she knew Jeb was a former bouncer and Logan’s horse trainer and sometimes security man.

If this is any indication of his people skills, he needs to stick to the horses.

His deep chuckle reverberated around her. “You’ve got spunk, I’ll give you that, but you’re no match for me and we both know it. So, this is the last time I’ll ask you to leave before I help you out the door.” His lascivious gaze slid over her like an oily caress. “And believe me, that won’t be a hardship.”

Dream on, big boy. I’ve been leered at by far scarier things than you.

Quick as lighting, Ariel grabbed Jeb’s wrist. Twisting it back at a painful angle, she used leverage to drive him to his knees and then locking his hand up behind his head, she applied more pressure to keep him there.

The door in front of her flew open and a man right out of her fantasies stepped through and then stopped short as if he’d slammed into a solid wall. He stared at the scene in front of him openmouthed as if still trying to comprehend what he saw. Ariel took the opportunity to study him right back.

He stood before her, six foot plus of golden muscular delight topped by gently waving sandy blond hair and piercing blue-gray eyes the color of the sea after a storm.

Jeb’s whimper brought her back from her male inventory. She glanced down to see her captive’s eyes watering from pain. “I tried to ask you nicely,” she reminded him.

The intensity of the scrutiny from the blue-gray eyes burned through her skin until she glanced up. The passion swimming in the fevered depths hit her like a physical blow. It zinged through her, touching off small sparks of awareness throughout her body and causing heat to pool between her legs. She sucked in a breath, fighting not to drown in the sexual buffet of sensations assaulting her. Closing here eyes for a moment, she allowed hundreds of years of training to return her to her calm center.

Ariel stood stock still as he completed his slow inventory. And if his hungry gaze was any determination, he liked what he saw. A flicker of pure female delight flowed through her until she reined it in.

Get your mind out of your crotch!

She’d even worn her business skirt and blazer to appear professional, but the way he looked at her gave images of him peeling her out of it to discover what secrets she hid underneath, which blew the whole professional image out the window.

“You must be Mr. McAllister,” she said, breaking him out of his inventory.

“Yes,” he said finally and reached out to shake her outstretched free hand.

“I’m Ariel Knight. I believe we have an appointment?”

His lips quirked just enough to show the dimple in his left cheek. “Yes, I believe we do.” He gestured down at Jeb still trying to break out of Ariel’s leveraged grip. “Would you mind letting Jeb up?”

Ariel smiled, just a small curve of her lips, and met his gaze. She wondered briefly what his stormy eyes would look like darkened with desire as he moved inside her.

Get a grip, Ariel. You’re here to work, not…play. Her traitorous body reminded her it had been quite a while since she’d played, and it would be more than happy to nominate Logan McAllister to play with. She chided herself out of that train of thought and glanced down at Jeb. “Now, I’m willing to let you go if you promise to keep your hands to yourself. I really don’t want to have to hurt you.”

Anger flashed in Jeb’s eyes and smoldered. She knew she’d just made an enemy, but in her job, she made many more of those than friends. Jeb’s ego was taking a beating, but from the pained look on his face, she wasn’t overly surprised when he finally muttered, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Ma’am works much better on me than sweetheart,” Ariel said. She released Jeb’s wrist and stepped back so he could stand, keeping enough distance to maneuver in case he wanted to take another shot. But he only stood, rubbed his sore wrist and glared at her.

Logan, visibly trying to hide his smile, turned to his bouncer. “Thank you, Jeb. I think I can take it from here.” Jeb looked between the two of them before nodding and turning to go.


Loving the Writer’s Life

There’s nothing like a fabulous vacation to get the creative juices flowing. As writers we’re always looking for an exotic location for our next book.  So when my dear friend, and Ellora’s Cave author, Lexi Post, invited Cathy McDavid and myself to visit with her and her husband, we were absolutely thrilled to accept the invitation. They live on the island of St. Croix in the Caribbean. And she asked us to bring our books. The local bookstore invited us to have a book signing while there.  

St. Croix is in the United States Virgin Islands so a passport wasn’t needed. This was perfect because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time for one to be issued before we planned to leave.:

As soon as our plane landed we got a craving for a tropical island cocktail. The first one I ordered was a Pina Colada. Cathy ordered a Mango Daiquiri. Both were absolutely delicious. However, it wasn’t long before we switched to rum punch. It seemed to be the drink of choice for the island.


We spent the first morning relaxing on the porch enjoying the view. We worked on our current work in progress (cause that’s what writers do) until noon then took a drive to downtown Frederiksted.    

Frederiksted was named after Frederick V of Denmark, who purchased the Danish West Indies in 1754.


A cruise ship had docked and all the local shops had set up tents along the sidewalks. We had to check them out and buy a few souvenirs.

We were invited to brunch by Lexi’s friend, Tanisha.  Tanisha has lived in St Croix all her life and would not consider leaving her island paradise lifestyle. And who can blame her?

How’s this for a view?

Next we stopped by the Domino Club in the rainforest. We had to see the beer drinking pigs.  Do I look a little scared? Yep, kinda was.

The rainforest and this tree is absolutely huge.

We made history on the island of St. Croix. We were the first romance authors to ever hold a book signing on the island. Thank you so much. Undercover Bookstore, for giving us such a warm welcome.

Cathy McDavid, Lexi Post, Tia Dani

The following day we did a tour of the island. We walked where Columbus and his crew landed and came ashore. We drove over to Point Udall. Point Udall, St Croix, V.I. the Easternmost point of the United States of America. Named for Stewart Udall, United States Secretary of the Interior under Presidents John F. Kennedy and L.B. Johnson. Then on for drinks at a nearby resort. Rum punch on the patio.       http://www.gotostcroix.com/historic-sites

After a quick stop by the casino it was on to dinner in Christiansted.

There is plenty to do while on the island. if you plan to go check out the cultural events.http://www.gotostcroix.com/crucian-culture

For a great Chai stop in the local coffee house, Polly’s. https://www.facebook.com/pollysatthepier 

We decided we could not leave the island without taking a sunset cruise. The cruise definitely turned out to be one of the high points of the trip. We had so much fun. Our captain and his mate were quite handsome and the run punch flowed.

Great story about these two guys. They met on the island and turned out they were half brothers. Wasn’t long before they started up a business together.

The beautiful sunset

Tia Dani, Cathy and Lexi

All good things must come to an end including vacations. now it’s back to work finishing our book in progress while dreaming about where our next adventure will take us. Hawaii anyone?

BTW the next trip will include both Tia and Dani.  Who knows, maybe we’ll all go and make it a Butterscotch Martini Girls vacation? We can’t wait to find out.

Tia Dani

Time's Enduring Love