Daughter of Deceased Movie Star Caught in Compromising Situation

FiveContemporaryComediesBoxSetPete Fusconi’s just reward for being a damned lousy friend played out in front of his peeping eyes. In the high-rise apartment building, directly across from where Pete stood watching with binoculars, Misty Wilson clutched a pill bottle in her hand.

The appearance of utter desperation on her beautiful face said Misty meant business.

Pete panicked.

What could he do? How could he stop her?

He lowered the binoculars, allowing them to hang from his neck and reached into his back pocket. His hand shook so hard he dropped his wallet after extracting it from his tight jeans. The fat contents spilled across the terrace.

Bits of folded paper, business cards, and money caught by the stiff breeze, spiraled through the wrought-iron railing. Eighteen stories below, the New York street hummed with traffic making chances of retrieving anything nil.

Thankfully, the particular dog-eared and yellowed card he’d wanted most happened to fall off to the side. Pete dove for it.
Misty’s home phone number.

In the next instant, when unclipped his cell the sight of the LCD display made his heart sank.

The low battery symbol taunted him. So much for the latest evolutionary battery eating bitch!

He glanced at the number on the card and dialed anyway. When he put the cell to his ear it rang. Some of the alarm zinging along his nerves calmed.

If only he could talk to her, he’d find a way to straighten this out before she did something stupid. As the phone continued to ring and she didn’t answer, however, the panic returned.
He took a second look at the number on the card. Damn!

He’d dialed wrong. Pete tried again, but his screen went blank.

Just like Misty Wilson would be if he didn’t find a way to stop her from taking those pills. Or was this just his conscience making him crazy?

His family often said he’d traded his excessive drinking for rabid paranoia.

Pete needed to talk to her to make sure she wasn’t about to take her life. He had to make certain this wasn’t a product of his overly active imagination.

Or guilt.

Guilt, because Pete failed to look in on her now and then like he’d promised his deceased friend.

No way could he make it physically there in time to keep her from swallowing the pills. She lived in the penthouse apartment of a prestigious building and visitors didn’t get past the doorman without permission.

Maybe the doorman would listen, but Pete doubted it.
Lifting the binoculars a second time, Pete took a second to focus. Spying on her every Thursday while he visited his lady friend didn’t qualify as looking in on her.

Sticking his dumbass head out of the kitchen to offer a meager nod or a wave when Misty came into the Fusconi family deli every afternoon didn’t qualify either.

Misty still had the bottle in her slender hand, fixated on it with her big eyes. She twisted the lid. Pete had to do something. Anything. Her husband, John, had killed himself with pills.
Somehow he had to get her attention. He lowered the glasses again and flashed the terrace light on and off several times in rapid succession. With the light on he waved his arms. Even without the field glasses, their buildings were close enough it looked as if he’d gotten her attention.

Now what?

She turned off the small table lamp next to her. She must be watching him. He knew she occupied her time watching people out her window. He’d seen her doing it dozens of times.
Please let her be watching him. Had he lost his friggin’ mind?
Pete had no idea what to do next. The funky blues playing on the stereo just inside the terrace door gave him a crazy idea.
Actually, a f’ing stupid idea popped in his mind, but how was he supposed to think straight under these extreme circumstances?

Pete tossed his useless phone aside. It skittered across the indoor-outdoor carpet, coming to rest at the edge of terrace. Taking more care with the binoculars, he placed them on one of the two tables.

Because he had nothing else, Pete danced to the music and began to strip.

If that didn’t get her attention, then he didn’t know what would.

He started with his sweater, and then realized he’d pulled it off too damned fast. Now what? He couldn’t put it back on again.
No time for start-overs!

Stripping was harder than he thought. He roped the sweater behind his butt like a towel and seesawed it back and forth. If he looked like an idiot, he didn’t give a shit.

Misty Mancusco’s life was more important than his male vanity. Besides, he didn’t have much to begin with as his past conduct had revealed.

He’d known Misty forever. Their families had been close their entire lives. He’d been friends with her deceased husband…actually more like drinking buddies.

John had killed himself with sleeping pills, too, not long after he’d married Misty. No way would she commit suicide like her husband.

Would she?

Pete tried for sexier, certain he looked like a complete and utter fool. It didn’t take long before he’d had enough of the f’ing sweater. He tossed it aside.

Next, he reached for the zipper on his jeans, grateful he wasn’t wearing socks and shoes. No way could he make that look sensual.

He took his time unzipping and humped against his hand. When he moved the jeans down his hips, his legs tangled and he tumbled forward against the wrought-iron railing. While leaning against the rail he dropped his jeans to the floor, stepped out of them. The sight of the sidewalk so far below sent a chill up his back. Damn!

Pete did a moonwalk away from the edge before he killed himself in an eighteen-story fall.

All that kept him from total humiliation were his tightie-whities. He rubbed his flaccid package as he danced. He’d probably never get hard again after nearly throwing himself to his death.

He turned around to wiggle his ass and lowered his briefs.  This time when he stepped out of them he was more careful.  
No more missteps.

Like a miracle from above, he saw his redemption!

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New Release SMEXY FIVE a comedic anthology #erotica

FiveContemporaryComediesBoxSetFive Stories...Contemporary Comedies

Playing Doctor, Take Her Slow, The Virginia Model-Logues, In Paradise and Play with Me 


Except from Playing Doctor

“Donald wants his ring back. Right now. Give it to me.”

Nothing could have prepared Tina for the indignity of standing on her own front porch and being told her fiancé of almost two years wanted to break up.


Her breathing increased, as did the beating of her heart while the rest of her body went numb. A hot flush of mortification seared her cheeks.

Donald had sent a stranger to tell her he was breaking off their engagement?

Tina anxiously twisted the diamond on her finger. Sure there were some problems in their relationship, like sex…or lack of it. But what kind of man had someone else do his dirty work?

How could Donald send the “other woman” to deliver the message?

“Did you hear me?”

How could she not hear the witch? The harsh and irritating voice lodged a pain inside Tina’s head where it blossomed and made her left eye twitch. Great.

At the sight of the woman’s smart designer suit, Tina inched back behind the door. Everything about this interloper, her clothes, the stylish haircut, perfect nails and makeup contrasted with work-at-home Tina’s simple and well-worn attire.

Embarrassment burned through her as she tried to formulate a plan to escape what was inarguably the most humiliating moment of her life…all twenty-six years of it.

Fight or flee? Without a doubt, she wanted to run and hide.
Cloying perfume filled Tina’s nose, stealing her breath as a memory of the scent struck her harder than any physical slap across the face ever could. She’d smelled the same fragrance on Donald and had been suspicious at the time. His explanation that he’d been gift shopping for her had lulled her into believing his insipid lies.

Thinking back, she never did receive the gift, validating her initial suspicion.

“Who are you? Why would Donald want me to give my ring to you?” Both bewildered and betrayed, in her heart Tina already knew the woman’s identity. But she needed confirmation. Where did she go wrong? Her stomach rolled as she awaited the inevitable.

“I’m not boring like you! Donald paid over two grand for that diamond and now it’s mine.” The woman’s smirking, thin red lips delivered information about the ring Tina hadn’t been privy to and wasn’t sure she believed.

What did Donald see in this un-boring bully? Tina squelched the urge to flee to get an objective look at the woman her man preferred. Too thin, she couldn’t be called pretty with hallowed cheeks and a long pinched nose. Her small dark eyes, close together, were her best feature.
Somewhere lodged deep inside was the fortitude Tina needed to deal with this bitch. She yanked it out!

“Did you honestly expect to keep the ring? He’s mine now. And so is that expensive ring.” The blonde bimbo thrust out her open hand toward Tina, while she tapped her foot impatiently. “Give it to me!”

Expensive? Tina got angry. She found a fake smile, plastered it on her face and pointed at the bitch’s flat chest. “You tell Donald if he wants this ring back, he has to get it himself. I’ll try not to make it too boring for him.”

Before the situation got even uglier, a large utility van, with James Plumbing emblazoned on its side, pulled into the narrow driveway. Tina’s adversary lowered her hand and turned to stare at the truck.

Tina swiped a tear from her cheek. She wasn’t going to allow herself to cry in front of this evil excuse for a human being. She may no longer have Donald, but she still had her pride. Didn’t she? Boring? A switch inside her flipped…never again! Oh, hell, no!
“Donald isn’t going to be happy about this,” the strumpet snapped, before the repairman joined them on the front steps.
“Right now, I’m not worried about what makes Donald happy.” Tina tried to focus on the man waiting with a toolbox in his hand. She’d never been so happy to see a repairman in her life.
He wasn’t her regular guy but, if he could end this humiliating situation, he could fix every pipe and appliance in her house, even if it meant a whopping bill. James Plumbing took plastic, which she’d gladly supply.

“My dishwasher is broken.” Tina hoped her unwelcome visitor would take the hint. At least she had a believable excuse to force the woman to leave in case she humiliated herself with more tears.

“I’ll be back,” Donald’s new love interest warned with an intimidating tone.

Tina twisted the ring on her finger. “I’ll only give the damned ring to Donald. And you might want to ask to see the sales receipt. I don’t think he paid what he’s claiming. Maybe we can ask the repairman what he thinks.”

With as much dignity as she could muster, Tina motioned the repairman nearer and held up her hand. “Could you give me an idea what you think a ring like this goes for?”

“I don’t think it’s real,” he said. “If I were you I’d take it off before your finger turns green.”

Take It Off by Tina Gerow @TinaGerow

take it off, tina gerowTake It Off

When Samantha Ryan receives a call from her mother asking her to come home and run the family business–a real live Nevada brothel–she’s not thrilled about it, but she agrees. Realizing that her final night out with her friends will be the last for a while, Samantha takes the opportunity presented to her in the form of Chase Hanson.

Chase had his eye on the beautiful brunette all night and when she asks to go home with him, he takes her home and experiences the most mind-blowing sex of his life. The next day, they part, with Samantha saying she’ll be out of town assisting her mother for a while, but that she’ll call. He feels as if they really made a connection and desperately hopes that she’ll call. Meanwhile, he’s still forced to fulfill a prior obligation and heads out of town to a brothel to celebrate his buddy’s bachelor party.

When they find each other at the brothel, conclusions abound. Can these two work out their differences?

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“First let me say, thank you, Ms. Gerow for the scorching hot cover! I fear that I’ve become a Tina Gerow junkie and Take It Off is a perfect example as to why. The chemistry between Samantha and Chase is HOT and ignites the pages. Rarely have I read love scenes that are hotter so you might want to have a bucket of ice and a dry pair of panties nearby when you read this sexy story. Not only is Take It Off hot, it’s sweet and funny. Tina Gerow’s creativity will have you laughing out loud and turning each page just to see what she’s come up with next! My only regret was that this story wasn’t longer!”
– Kerin, Two-Lips Reviews (Five Lips)

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Cactus Creek Cowboys Volume III is Here #erotica

cactuscreekcowboysbundle3boxset1The last four Cactus Creek Cowboy books which includes Dirty Little Secrets, Count on Three, Top Cowboy, and Trailer Trash are all together in the Volume III Anthology.  The price is $2.99 so you save a little money buying them together. And for those of you who have never read a story in this series, it will stand alone. It’s not so much chronology as characters…


Sleeping With Shadows by @TinaGerow

sleeping with shadows, tina gerowSleeping With Shadows

Can soul mates meet in a dream? Until their past-life karmic cycles are balanced, Matt Martin and Sarah Ryan are on a collision course pushing the world toward a disastrous end.

Will they allow their intense past-life connection to cause them even more missed opportunities in this lifetime? Everyone’s karmic tapestry is in jeopardy because of Matt and Sarah. Together they form the thread that threatens to unravel universal karmic harmony.

To make matters worse, a third person brings more difficulty for the duo. When Sarah’s spurned ex-lover threatens to destroy her to keep her to himself, he unwittingly dooms millions. Can Sarah and Matt work through this dangerous reincarnation with a twist?

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5.0 out of 5 stars Suspenseful Paranormal Romance….basically the best of all genres, January 26, 2014
This review is from: Sleeping With Shadows (Kindle Edition)
If you’re looking for a new and suspenseful paranormal story then you are in luck, Sleeping with Shadows by Tina Gerow was just released. You will not be disappointed with the superb level of writing that Tina brings while taking you on an adventure that will have you wondering what is a dream and what is reality. Sleeping with Shadows follows the journey Matt Martin goes on to find his first love, Sarah Ryan. As Matt starts to see Sarah in his dreams he is not sure of what is real and what is a figment of his imagination. When things go from weird to supernatural, Matt enlists the help of his best friend and a private detective to try to piece together the dreams he keeps having. Sarah and Matt don’t skip a beat when it comes to sparking back up their relationship both emotionally and physically after years apart. As I was reading, I felt like there was a timer and if I didn’t find out what was going to happen next then it would be the end for these two. Sleeping with Shadows is remarkable and mind boggling so be prepared to stay up all night till you finish.

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