60 Helpful & Snarky Tips for Writers #WritingTips @TinaGerow


I’ve been writing seriously for publication since August 2003. I’ve spent since then collecting writing tips (not really in a document or anything) but just mentally collecting them. And since it’s my blog day I thought I would jot some of them down and share them. Some are snarky, some are amusing, but all are actually helpful :) There are TONS more, but those are for another day :) So enjoy and feel free to share with anyone else who might appreciate them…

And here we go…

1. Remove 99% of your exclamation points, use your words to carry the emphasis, not throwaway punctuation that distracts the reader.

2. Avoid ‘Body Parts Gone Wild’ – If a cock leaps to attention, it should have little feet and be ready to run across the room…LOL.

3. Beware of wimpy verbs that don’t give the reader a visual picture. Words like ‘put’, ‘got’, and ‘went’. Use a more descriptive verb.

4. Keep in mind that it’s your job to paint a word picture for the reader so as they read, they can see the picture you have inside your mind when writing the scene.

5. Beware of over repeated actions. If your heroine is always sighing the reader is going to want to kill her by the 10th time…seriously.

6. Make sure the action is with the character, not the body part. Fists won’t clench on their own, the character clenches his or her hands into fists.

7. If your heroine’s vagina is “weeping” there’s salve for that…LOL. Get her to the doctor! Ewwwwwwwwww!!! SO not sexy.

8. Remember even when writing that heroes usually don’t want to kiss a heroine right after she’s “swallowed” – That’s jarring for the reader.

9. Don’t use flowery writing – readers like simple writing that paints a visual picture, not something schlocky that makes them groan.

10. “Mary was scared.” = Telling. “Icy tendrils of fear raced up Mary’s spine.” = Showing. Paint a visual picture.

11. If you’re writing a sex scene and you’ve never done whatever it is you are writing about – talk to someone who has. Seriously.

12. Don’t be afraid of words – use them, but use them well. Her yawning moist cavern is just icky. Soooo not sexy. :(

13. KNOW your reader demographic – for romance – mostly highly educated women 18-50’s. Don’t talk down to them.

14. Word choice – jizz or love juice – YUCK. Just use come. Don’t gross the reader out.

15. Usually if a sentence begins with ‘And’ or ‘But’, the ‘and’ or ‘but’ can be removed without changing the sentence and it will read better.

16. If writing anal scenes – don’t do the ‘BrokeBack Mountain” thing – sliding in with one stroke with no lube or just spit – that would HURT. Ouch!!

17. If your hero’s “member” has a head the size and color of a large plumb, he’s got medical problems and his partner will NOT be excited. Get that man to a doctor!

18. Purple prose is distracting and annoying and doesn’t help your story, it only discredits your writing in the eyes of the reader. Just say NO!

19. Watch the body parts gone wild. Eyes can’t fly across the room unless they have little wings. Gazes can though…

20. Write what you mean. If a heroine leans INTO a hero – that’s gonna hurt and require surgery – she’s probably leaning AGAINST him.

21. Get rid of “filler” words like ‘that’ and ‘just’ which don’t add much value.

22. Who vs that. If you are talking about a person – use ‘who’, if you are talking about a thing, use ‘that’

23. If the heroine’s heart clenches inside her chest and she’s short of breath, she’s not in love, she’s having a heart attack!

24. Beware of wimpy verbs that don’t give the reader a visual picture – words like ‘put’, ‘got’ and ‘went’ Use a more descriptive verb!

25. Save often and in multiple places.

26. Watch out for rolling eyes – Always reminds me of dice…LOL.

27. Avoid clichés – find a new, fresh way to say something. Make it yours. Cliches are distracting to the reader and don’t add value.

28. If your hero is ‘hard enough to drive nails’ he needs to call the number on the back of the Viagra box!! That’s not healthy! OUCH…

29. Make sure your events aren’t out of order. If someone needs to retrieve a book from a room – walking OUT of the room before grabbing the book and then walking in the room doesn’t work unless you’re Harry Potter and you can ‘spell’ the book to you or reverse time…

30. Read widely. Pay attention to writing you enjoy and writing you don’t and then figure out why.

31. If your pacing is slow and dragging – go back and make sure your conflict is big enough and difficult enough! Conflict drives pacing.

32. Try to avoid using was/ing combos – makes it kind of passive. ‘was running’ can become ran…

33. Watch repeated words used close together. That really becomes distracting to the reader.

34. Schedule a time each day to write. Sit your butt in the chair and write. Your brain will get the hang of being productive on cue.

35. Use appropriate language for your characters. If your 20 year old professional and savvy heroine says, “Golly gee” – that’s odd and jarring.

36. Use of ‘locks’ for hair has become cliche – seriously. People have hair, not locks unless it’s a padlock in their hair. Odd bondage scene??

37. Try to avoid giving all your characters in the same book names that are too similar or all start with the same letter. Gets confusing for both you AND the reader.

38. Anything that pulls the reader out of the story and gives them the chance to put the book down – weed it out of your writing!

39. Avoid using euphemisms that will make most people laugh – “his hairy man sack” is just gross! NOT sexy…LOL!

40. If your prologue is just an excuse to do a backstory dump – cut it. Only use those when absolutely needed to set up a scene.

41. Make sure you know your book’s timeline. Keep a chart. If 3 nights have passed, but it’s never been dark, it better be a paranormal.

42. World Building: Make the rules for your world and characters and then don’t break them. You’ll lose the reader’s trust.

43. Tie up all lose ends at the end, even if it’s a series. Each book must have a satisfying ending or you’re going to lose the reader’s trust… You can have a story ARC for the entire series, but you must have an ARC for each book in the series, each with a satisfying ending.

44. Avoid complicated names for characters – pain in the butt to type and hard for the reader to remember, pronounce etc is a dissatisfier.

45. If a scene doesn’t move the story forward – cut it!! Seriously.

46. If the heroine or hero are chafing and handcuffs aren’t involved, get them some freaking lube people!! That’s just not sexy. LOL…

47. Word choice matters. Thigh is sexier than leg. Breast is sexier than boob or tit. Clit is sexier that ‘love button’ – ACK!

48. Afraid of using the “C” word? It can be done… Read my Seduction series – used in non traditional way, but most of my readers loved it. Ceremony of Seduction – the first book in that series is my best selling book out of all that I’ve written under both pen names!

49. Call it what it is. It’s not a “man rod” or a “love shaft” or a “steely length”, it’s a penis or a dick or a cock. Really…

50. If the hero and heroine are running for their lives and they stop to have sex – they kinda deserve to die…Just sayin’…

51. Be realistic. Most guys (sorry guys!) can’t come four times in an hour…some women can… Don’t make your reader’s roll their eyes.

52. If your hero knows every brand name your heroine is wearing – he might be gay and/or a designer… Which is fine if you’re writing M/M romance or Chick Lit, but I don’t know too many straight men who even CARE what brand names a woman is wearing…

53. When writing romance, a hero who is a jerk or treats the heroine badly is NOT a hero. Readers want a romantic hero – give it to them.

54. A hero who looks at, fantasizes about or ‘plays with’ other women than the heroine (unless it’s a menage book) is NOT heroic.

55. Your heroine can’t flirt with or cheat on the hero either. NOT heroic. If they both agree to a threesome etc, fine, but not outside of that. And even then it has to fit with that genre.

56. Don’t forget to SHOW emotions in your scenes. How are the characters feeling? SHOW US! Don’t TELL us.

57. Action/reaction. Let us see the character’s reactions to things – internal thoughts, emotional reactions and physical reactions.

58. Make sure your hero and heroine’s internal thoughts and dialogue sound different. Each character should be unique.

59. If you aren’t getting hot and bothered while WRITING your sex scene, no one will while reading it!

60. Yes your story MUST have a plot – even if it’s erotic. Most readers like an engaging story with their hot sex! I know I do!


Stealing Liberties by @LisaPietsch

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The Kales of Cactus Creek Arizona #12 Coming Soon #erotica #cowboys

About the Kales:

Grandfather, John “Boss” Kale age 76* is a loner who lives in Alaska.

Mr. Raymond Kale, age 58* & Mrs. Monica Kale, age 58* are the parents of five grown sons...all raised on a horse ranch in Arizona.

rp_cactuscreekcowboysbundle2-3D-263x300.jpgRay Kale 34* is the first born. Ray's is mentioned as a character in most of the stories in the 12 book series because of his status as a world champion bull rider. His story is #5, Out of Control. It's the first story of 3 (Stories 5-7) in Cactus Creek Cowboys Volume II. @ 99¢ for a limited time.

Ray isn't the type of man to be out of control, but the woman he falls for is...Connie Kettering. She's the girl voted most likely to have a record for giving black eyes to any man who pisses her off enough to deserve one. 

Dr. Sam Kale 33* is the second born son. Dr. Sam has yet to meet his significant other. And I'm not sure what his kink is, or if he has one. Any suggestions considered!

Mike Kale 27*, third born, is the ladies man of therp_cactuscreekcowboysbundle3D-2-263x3001.jpg Kale brothers. He's featured in #4: Too Many Brides which can be found in Cactus Creek Cowboys Volume I @ 99¢ for a limited time. Stories 1-4. Chick magnate Mike awakens to discover he's naked and in bed with six women. To make matters more complicated, he'd married one of them in a drunken stupor, but doesn't remember who. 

UnconditionalSurrender_400x600John “Cowboy” Kale 27* - He's the 4th born and 10 months younger than brother Mike. Cowboy joined the Army at 19 and went on to become a elite warrior...an Army Ranger. The complications in Cowboy's life are of his own making. He's gay and can't tell his family, his cowboy friends or his Ranger team. No one has come close to guessing his secret. His story, STORM OUT is coming in October in an anthology with 16 popular M/M authors, entitled Unconditional Surrender. Story #12. 

James Kale, age 25*, is the baby of the family. I think his kink is BDSM, but that's subject to change.

Since I just finished writing the 12 Cactus Creek Cowboy story, I'm writing this to help keep them straight in my mind, and hopefully for my readers also. The boxed sets Volumes I and Volume II have been both been bestsellers since they were first re-published in early February and March of 2014.

As I approach five figure sales for this series, I need to make sure I'm doing them justice. While I was working on the 12th story, a very serious beta reader had to correct my erroneous claim that Mike Kale was second born. Thanks to great readers who continue to support me...I'll keep them coming! Currently, I have 3 Cactus Creek Cowboy Single available. 








*Equals age when the stories started. The #11 story is Trailer Trash and it's coming soon. 




Fire Maiden by Tina Gerow @TinaGerow

fire maiden, tina gerow Fire Maiden

Prophecy is a fickle thing. Kefira Knight and her three Gargoyle sisters had hoped they were done with prophecy after Ariel’s pregnancy with the son of the blood (see STONE MAIDEN). But it seems that Kefira is to play a part in the prophecy as well….

Kefira’s sharp temper ignites when her former lover, Paladin Dagan Grayson, shows up on the doorstep of the ranch she and her sisters are sharing with Ariel’s new husband. Kefira still bears deep emotional scars from the loss of their child when she turned to stone for healing. Meanwhile, Jeslyn, Queen of the Succubus clan, has a nefarious plot afoot to halt the rise of Good. Kefira must choose a path- will she choose Good or Evil?

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“Tina Gerow surpasses all expectations with FIRE MAIDEN. In fact, this book may even be better than the fabulous STONE MAIDEN. Tina Gerow demonstrates with FIRE MAIDEN that she is definitely an author to look out for in the paranormal genre.” – COURTESY OF CK2S KWIPS AND KRITIQUES

“While Fire Maiden is the second in the Ms. Gerow’s series about the Knight sisters, it is an excellent stand-alone story. Readers will find their enjoyment of Kefira’s story enhanced by reading “Stone Maiden” first. This story begins shortly after “Stone Maiden” ends. From page one, the plot never falters and has the same fast paced action and witty dialogue. As the various players in the story take their positions, readers will be entranced from beginning to end. Fire Maiden engages the readers’ imagination until the very last page. For me, the third story can’t come soon enough.” – THERESA, NOVEL SPOT

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M/M Military Bundle Unconditional Surrender @CatGrant

UnconditionalSurrender_400x600I just wrote those TWO fabulous, delicious, and seriously stress relieving words…


To be precise, I wrote:


Nestled somewhere among the 14 authors…


A character from my bestselling Cactus Creek Cowboy series comes to life!

John Kale, AKA Cowboy

An Alaskan storm forces a gay Army Ranger suffering from PTSD to make emotional life or death decisions. Can he rely on a civilian with a questionable past? He doesn’t just come out, he storms out!


Special thanks to Cat Grant for sending this great cover I can share!