Authors Caught in the Middle while the Streisand Effect Rages #notchilled

britdoes2Unless you are living in a ca…ditch…you have to have heard Ellora’s Cave is suing Dear Author.

What happens to the authors who write for Ellora’s?

Evidently we’re collateral damage.  We are now in the midst of a raging storm called the Streisand Effect.  Sigh…

Here are some of blogs to catch you up. My biggest hope as I hear so many, many people say they will NEVER buy another book because of this lawsuit is that some will still buy my books that have NOTHING to do with the plantiffs.

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The Storm:

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Writing Love Scenes Class at Savvy Authors starts in Nov! @TinaGerow #hotsex #writingcraft

I’ve written a few hot and kinky love scenes in my writing career.  Okay – I’ve written several.  And yeah – my Cassie Ryan books are kind of off the charts.  Okay, let’s be honest, when I have my Cassie Ryan hat on I’m kind of a freak…

That’s probably why Savvy Authors asked me to teach a class on Writing Love Scenes.  The last time I taught this class I had a full house and it was a TON of fun!!  So I’m hoping lots of you hop on board for this one too!

Here’s the info!!


Writing love scenes is much more than describing whose lips are where doing what.
Good love scenes should read smoothly, clearly, and communicate who is doing what to whom as well as when and how, but without sounding like a How To manual. It should also convey emotions, passion, reveal new insights into the characters as well as advance the plot. Sound like brain surgery or rocket science? Nope – no Doctorate’s degree required – I promise! Come join us for some no-nonsense discussions about how to thread all of this together into love scenes that readers will devour and you will love to write – regardless if you write sweet or smokin’ hot.Level: Beginning/Intermediate
Where:  The Savvy Forums
Cost:  Premium Members $15 / Basic Members $20
Tina Gerow is a multi published author under two pen names. She writes sensual paranormal romance as Tina Gerow and erotic paranormal romance as Cassie Ryan.

She’s also an experienced line editor and a public speaker on many topics both motivational and writing related.

So basically she’s a slacker ex band director with an outgoing personality and an overactive imagination who has been put to work writing for the safety of herself and others :)


Sign up here

Can’t wait to see you all there!


A Wonderful Review for Storm Out “UnconditionalSurrender

MilitaryBundle_3Dboxset1Check it OUT!

Thank you!

Just when I needed to hear it! Ms. Mes, you really do need to pick up a copy of Trailer Trash if you want more of Sam and Cowboy! They were a wonderful help to the heroine in the story. So much so, that Sam stood up for the bride!


Check out the review!

Amazon Reviewers All in or Undecided #reviews

rp_hahahastar-300x283.jpgBy accident today, I came upon an Amazon reviewer who has done well over 100 reviews.

I saw one particular review she’d written for a book I was considering and thought it harsh. Actually I was trying to decide if I would get this book from the library or buy it. I’m way over my Kindle budget this month, after two more purchases yesterday. And it’s a pricier book which is part of a series. The review was brutal!

So I looked at some of the other reviews given by this person. The first two pages were nothing but 1 Star reviews. Occasionally, the reviewer would give a good review, but about 80% of them were beyond brutal, even telling people not to buy the books, over and over again. This was an eye-opening experience for me. After reading so many despicable statements about author after author…I don’t believe anything this reviewer says.

I just pray he or she doesn’t pick up one of my books. I was more suspicious of the 5 Star reviews. Now I need to rethink this. Maybe I need to look closer at the STARS or ignore them altogether.

However if she ever does give me one of her zingers, I think I might even smile about it. I’d be in good company.

Attack of the 99₵ Boxed Set #control? #outofcontrol

MilitaryBundle_3Dboxset1Why buy a boxed set? IMHO, if I buy a boxed set and find 2 or 3 authors that I haven’t already read and their stories make me want to read more…that is win/win! As most of you who read my posts know…I’m in a box set that is now available for pre-order and will be released in just three short weeks.  Unconditional Surrender

I just read a post at a popular, gossip gathering place which I’m not naming, because there’s too much negativity there for my taste. This business is hard enough without hearing bitching from people who haven’t walked in an author’s shoes. 

This week I also heard a published author say that 99₵  books are the downfall of the publishing industry. That is one heck of a negative sweeping statement for which I’d like to see the proof. Show me the numbers please.

I buy lots of books…I’ve bought lots of 99₵ books and downloaded lots of free books from Amazon. I have “discovered” authors I would never have read otherwise! Having spent more than 50$ just last month alone…I have freedom of speech! I’m showing MY numbers, 99₵  Haters!  Most of what I spent was acquiring series because I found a deal on the “first” book.

rp_cactuscreekcowboysbundle3D-2-263x3001111-150x150.jpgI also have the beginning of a series that I’ve offered for 99₵ Cactus Creek Cowboys. Any other book on my list that is 99₵ …it’s that price because it’s a SHORT story! If Diane Gabaldon sells a 12oo page book at $4.99…come on! Why would I over-price my 17,500 word short? When I release a longer book, I’ll price it accordingly.

Here’s your chance to tell me how wrong I am. Go for it! If you don’t want to do it here…email me at